Theatrical Balloon Performer CHISHA Theatrical Balloon Performer CHISHA

Balloon Object Theatre

Nobody has seen like that.


CHISHA is a Japanese artist and a professional of the balloon art. She expresses her poetic & fantastic inner world by balloons, a light blue crystal ball and costumes inspired by the Japanese pop culture fashion. She impresses people by unique and one of the most advanced balloon performance, and has been invited by many countries.

chisha sitiing on a big black box


Balloon Theatre is a new genre performance created by herself. To unlock potential of balloon performance, she mixed elements of pantomime, puppet drama and balloon art. She does not only model in balloons, but inflates, deflates, changes the shape, breaks them and playact to weave stories.

chisha with a blue color fairy made of balloons


  • Tokyo Official "Heaven Artist"
  • Daidogei World Cup in Shizuoka - Japan
  • Festival International des Artistes de rue - Switzerland
  • Pflasterspektakel - Austria
  • Buskers Festival WIEN - Austria
  • BuskerBus Festival - Poland
  • Zookünstler Festival - Germany
  • The Edinburgh Festival Fringe - UK
  • Festival international de théâtre de rue - France
  • and so on.
chisha is pulling a knife out from her breast